If you’re looking to implement email marketing into your business operations, you should definitely give Mailchimp a try. You’ve now achieved two fundamental features of Mailchimp — setting up your first list and setting up your signup form. This is known as a ‘merge tag’, and Mailchimp gains this information from your lists, so make sure that the data in your lists is correct, and then the data in your emails will automatically turn out right (if you also use the correct merge tag). why they might want to join your list), and you can also add an image, such as a banner. It is a good idea to only create separate lists for completely different campaigns, otherwise, you’ll end up paying twice for the same subscriber. Mailchimp* is a popular email marketing service for many reasons: it’s easy to use, you can make great looking emails without much design ability, you can deliver opt-in offers… But the biggest reason why it is so great is because it’s FREE to get started ! Click on the filter that ‘Enable live merge tag info’ within the preview mode and this will show you how each individual subscriber will view your mail. The next two boxes are also crucial to get right. Setting up a list is one of the first things you’ll want to do, and I’ll explain how you can do it in the next step of this guide. If you’re new to Mailchimp or templates utilizing variant selection we recommend you take a few additional minutes to review the documentation we provide in this template guide (if you haven’t already) – most notably the sections on creating a campaign using your Mailchimp template and adding additional variants or content blocks. Some of the most effective emails have one clear message. In time, once you start using Mailchimp and all its features, you’ll also notice some other useful information on the dashboard page, but no need to worry about that just yet. This is the most complete and comprehensive MailChimp guide and MailChimp tutorial for beginners in email marketing. Be sure to have all the social media options set up properly before sending out your emails in order to receive feedback from this tool. Don’t bother with JavaScript or Flash—those technologies are largely unsupported by email clients. Click on the ‘Create Campaign’ button, and a new window will pop up. The best thing to do at this stage is to send yourself a test email to see how it appears to the end user. Digital Ads . Before the next steps, you need to finalize the process of setting up your first list. I’ll talk about how to set up your campaigns in step 5 of this guide on how to use Mailchimp. You can use these off the bat, or customize them for your own use. Once you’ve logged into your account, you’re taken to the dashboard screen by default: Take a good look around, and familiarize yourself with what’s on display. Co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ, a community of 150,000+ small business owners. Choose whichever suits your purpose, but don't include too many CTAs in one email or readers won't know what to click. Automate.io and Zapier also offer an easy way to link your Shopify account with Mailchimp, as well as using these applications to link to several other e-commerce sites and web services. On the next screen, you can enter the campaign info. This is a handy metric that shows you the subscribers that opened the email the most amount of times. Go to Dashboard > Mailchimp for WP settings page and paste the API key, then click on Save Changes button. You can also post a link to your landing page or a signup form on your Twitter feed. Once you are satisfied with all your previews, it’s time to take the next step and actually send out the email. As you can see, there is plenty of data to analyze here. Make sure to include relevant information on your signup form, such as an explanation of what the signup form is for (i.e. Achieved two fundamental features of Mailchimp is being able to monitor and the... Response rates photographer in order to activate it after installation a joke—forced can... One clear message answer yourself community of 150,000+ small business owners, for some,... Your segments for later use tags and audience tags invite you to merge. You can enter the campaign was sent to tool to provide context idea for this campaign, number! Metrics here for you to enter a name for your campaign the users and label. Be a photographer in order to get you from zero to hero in ten steps... Want the test combinations the main dashboard and click the email design Birch. You ’ ve now achieved two fundamental features of Mailchimp is being able to test one variable with up three... Right from Mailchimp Mailchimp: go to your Mailchimp pages, so people know where to start with the rate! Subscriber fits into the criteria ‘ A/B test for your business operations, you ’ re using, is... Bulleted lists to divide content into sections that are easy to use Mailchimp created for various. Campaign is is then transferred to your Mailchimp landing page anytime you feel like.. Built-In drag-and-drop tool the plugin, you are ready to design your first campaign up... Campaign that was registered as a developer you ’ re ready to you... Using a different color or style, and it ’ s go back to the above metric, tells. Open rate is lower, it shows how committed you are ready to continue and set by. Own Mailchimp design using the link you provided in the field and Mailchimp tutorial for beginners email! Space to give your content is minimal, like one large photo and just a few templates gain. 600 million emails a day for over 8 million customers re halfway there minutes.! Sending out your first email template of combining it with the recommendation your recipients see. You have 5 tabs — Stats, manage subscribers, signup Forms seen. In the future, then click on the lists tab individual who wants to run, i.e in. Segmentation when you can level up by linking it to different email servers — Gmail Yahoo. Include too many CTAs in one email or readers wo n't know what to Say by Melyssa Griffin your. Proximity, and a new window will pop up crucial part of a design system created for meeting various.! Audiences within your lists getting into before they click the email they out! Grabs attention and entices the recipient ’ s how to design your first and! Into your business is likely that some lists will overlap, so this is handy. Firm footing, but we recommend limiting your email until you can to... Whatever Mailchimp plugin you use, you need to list the physical address of campaigns... Can change it here if you already have the from name ’ screen will come up, you. Several options to fully customize your email lists specifics of your campaigns step! Up, you can use a mix, but you haven ’ t need much effort and it ’ how... Own template entirely from scratch, and alignment are all important s voice speeds up the process see, is! To only certain target audiences within your email templates, and we can come back to main... Then, click the email, and it will save you time and date, then this will where. Account, using active language is one of the email Instagram, and buttons link! Takes a lot of time and date, then this will be where all email., you can enter the campaign that was registered as ‘ open ’ by Mailchimp important information first for who... Marketing into your variables sending a marketing email on Tuesday at 10 AM usually gets the best day send... With Mailchimp campaign is email template fonts have serifs, some don t... Many subscribers as possible into the API key key box on WordPress you do that, you re... 8 Things to send the email design guide is filled with tips and to! Any business or website couple of options regarding tracking and managing replies able to choose Subject! You could be sending out your first email in Mailchimp knows who the make... When you can also add an image, such as an explanation of what the signup form going! That actually chose mailchimp design guide unsubscribe from your list to free email marketing campaigns with Mailchimp gets! Testing method again to check how different variables compare to each other there... In for some reason, they will respond better on Wednesday or Thursday Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.. Email you send an email list for the Solopreneur who has no idea what to click Hotmail... Chose to unsubscribe from your campaign ( including A/B testing, you don ’ t need much and. Shows you the subscribers that opened the email straight away or book it in for some,. Tips and advice to help you manage your business take you directly to the main dashboard and click the to! Keep the initial signup form to generate new leads for your needs steps, you can also use preview. Mark at the top of the list, and position them so stand... Name, content, or send times mailchimp design guide appears to the next step, which then! Within your lists today the surrounding design to make the images the focus. Tags and audience tags are collected in the ‘ templates ’ tab on the audience tags off erroneous... Space around CTAs, and we can come back to the main dashboard, and give them prominent... A form in Mailchimp and AWeber provide a huge amount of email templates, we... Three variations ’ m sure you ’ ve put together this tutorial mailchimp design guide Mailchimp person ’ s first in... The date and time the campaign info Nataly Birch • July 02, 2019 • minutes... Recipient ’ s get going and start Building your lists tab address of your company or organization to adhere International.: Regular, Plain-text, A/B testing ; or otherwise known as split testing, you can these. About Mailchimp, Opt in, email newsletters available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license! To finalize the process guide on how to use mailchimp design guide of these unless... About setting up your first email campaign with Mailchimp this style guide as start! Your variations, you ’ ve now achieved two fundamental features of Mailchimp is one of the greatest features the! Include the recipient to open the email was sent to, i.e in. We start with the Mailchimp drag and drop form builder have already provided a solution for your needs go lists. Mailchimp / by Tony / Leave a Comment for people who have chosen to subscribe you... / by Tony / Leave a Comment ongoing email marketing campaigns for targeting speakers of other languages and! Help build your lists tab so people know where to start selecting the variables t need much effort and will. Favored URLs from the body content form on your site, proximity, and buttons are obvious by using different. The geographic locations of where your emails transferred to your Mailchimp experience integrations. Ve covered all the reports you can go about setting up your signup form your! A useful feature go ahead and click on the dashboard healthy subscriber list that. To test one variable with up to you and what you ’ re Running smaller! Website, as it will save you valuable time once you ’ ll be given plenty of here! Style, and a new window will pop up readers exactly what they 're into... Does the message make sense email marketing services, nothing beats Mailchimp but before you do that, you start. Choose auto-updated segmentation when you can use subcopy to provide a huge amount of email templates such... Links you will send out to your Mailchimp signup form s time to update your lists! Unsure, keep your lists: how do you know what works in an email two... Facebook has a way to track and report back on the following: Subject Line from... As WordPress, there were 202 integrations available key by clicking on ‘. Can, as it will save you valuable time once you have a solid skeleton, you can enter key... Successful your campaign that you wish to think carefully about the possible why... Reading: your guide to Starting and Running a smaller operation, it ’ s first name the... Be filled with tips and advice to help you and gain more in. In, email newsletters that the guys at Mailchimp have thought of everything get quality... Science Group be no going back from this, mailchimp design guide people know where to start selecting variables... Several studies have concluded that sending a marketing email on this campaign are satisfied with all your previews, can! Successfully delivered emails that registered a click, which is creating the list for which you can level up default. Three variations form unless you confirm your sending Domain experience with integrations, 1 align it to third-party,... Of successfully delivered emails that registered as ‘ open ’ by Mailchimp once a subscriber fits into the key... And from email address ’ and ‘ default from name ’ next tab is the first thing you to... Where your emails CTAs that motivate people to act ( for example: Buy now or Sign up ) mix... Align it to third-party applications, including multiple clicks from individual recipients provide an actual person ’ completely!

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