Trusted Leather supplier in London for over 40 years

Starting as a leather apprentice over 40 years ago, Storm Leather's Founder has witnessed unprecendented changes in the industry. From a tanning warehouse in Bermondsey Street in the 1980s, to the website that you are on today. As a wholesale leather supplier to London, U.K and world-wide Storm Leather's main ambition is to pass on our care, attention, affection and expertise for this special material.

A natural by-product of the food industry, when properly sourced and treated, leather is an excellent material that will last a lifetime.

We were also one of the first suppliers of leather alternatives which we can also advise you on.

Whether it is one skin, or a thousand, whatever your project or need please call us to make the most of our advice and expertise.

We have a selection of available leather on this site and more at our warehouse for the creation of handbags, shoes, garments, leather goods and accessories.